Yinzk is a hyper-sentient performance artist, sentient representing both the bodily senses and feelings. Their goal for their audience is to appeal to their feelings, rather than their rationality. In order to achieve this, Yinzk’s work plays a game between curated and authentic moments. 

Aesthetics and intensity colour the curated moments, where vulnerability plays into the authentic moments. This vulnerability is realised by a personal approach, for Yinzk deems separation of the art from the artist impossible when trying to create relatability for the audience. 

Yinzk’s work is also greatly influenced by community. Collaboration and inclusivity build a collectively driven, extensive artwork. A great value to Yinzk’s practice is the extensiveness of their work: big subjects, big projects and the use of various media, feelings and senses. Through an affirmative yet critical approach, Yinzk’s work activates the audience’s feelings – in a soft, dramatic way.